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Big Barn Groups

Big Barn

Group Facility

Stay and Float Packages

Do You wish you had a Big Barn on the River

for you and your friends to use for a week?

Big Barn Pricing

Rental of Big Barn Group Facility

For a WEEK $750.00+tax with

Minimum of 30 Stay & Float Packages


$45.00 Per Adult or Teen

When Paid In Advance Includes all Taxes. $50 Day of Group’s Arrival

$25.00 Per Youth 6 thru 12

Only $5.00 for Children 5 and under

Float a second time during your stay for only $20 per person, or $25 in a kayak

What’s in your Stay and Float Package? You might assume your float is included and it is! Rafts are included and you choose Leisure or Adventure Trip. If you prefer a kayak, there is an additional $5.00 fee per kayak rider. Canoes or tubes at no extra fee. What kind of stay is included? Your choice: You can pitch a tent outside or throw a sleeping bag in the air conditioned bunk room. RV’s welcome, however connections are still in planning.

The Big Barn is now much more than just a weekend of Group Fun!

Your group will have exclusive use of the private Big Barn with large, air-conditioned meeting room which includes long rustic bar and kitchen and two bathrooms. Two bunk rooms downstairs have camp bunks for up to 40. You have a WEEK, so come early and stay late for your Fun!

Group Leaders need only $750.00 plus tax to reserve The Big Barn for the WHOLE WEEK! Then the Group Leader gives everyone the group’s Express Code and each one can call in and pay for their own Stay and Float Package. (Group minimum 30 excluding children 5 and under.)